Jaunumi, Produkti un padomi
23 jūn. 2021 —

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Curious matter

With a touch that one would describe as between silk and sand, curious matter offers a unique tactile experience: you’ll feel its roughness at the first encounter and later a light velvety effect. And whether you use one of its 5 tints or go for solid-colour print on the white shade, its haptics will remain uncompromised after printing. 

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Conqueror connoisseur

Part of the prestigious scottish brand manufactured since 1888, conqueror connoisseur is made with 100% cotton fibres that gives to the paper a warm and natural touch while providing the perfect solution for demanding print techniques as letterpress or blind-embossing 

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Rives tweed

In addition to the visual effect that echoes to the eponym fabric, the feltmarked texture of rives tweed offers a comforting feeling to the fingerprints whilst adding a fashion touch to any print project.

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Olin rough 

Developed for premium publishing projects, olin rough uncoated papers and boards are among the roughest in the design paper segment. Its natural touch gives a warm feeling to any printed communications with demanding colour reproduction. 

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Curious skin

Why using a soft-touch varnish that can’t be easily recycled? With curious skin from arjowiggins, you don’t compromise sustainability over the haptics or the print effect! This range of 16 mass-dyed coloured papers and boards offers a touch alike the skin but has also an anti-rubbing and anti-fingerprint treatment that ensure a lasting luxury finish to any invitation, book or luxury packaging.