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Cyclus, the 100 % recycled concept

Cyclus is an internationally renowned 100% recycled paper range.
Cyclus has a good story to tell in itself about caring for the environment
and it enhances the look and feel you want to express. Cyclus is not just
a paper; it is a medium full of expression which goes well with your choice
of style - from polished to rustic and from sensual to factual.


Discover the unique benefits of Cyclus:


  • A unique ecological concept in Europe considerably reducing the environmental impact of your printed material (lowest carbon footprint, saving 45% water & 80% energy vs virgin).
  • An authentic look, natural whiteness  and characteristic dots, instantly and visually communicating environmental concern and supporting CSR values.
  • The widest range of natural recycled products  (coated, uncoated, envelopes) with a large variety of substances (70 to 350 gsm) for all your applications.
  • Unique surface and high opacity,  meaning good print results with a touch and feel effect, even in low substances with heavy ink.
  • The best environmental credentials to support a positive and recognised image for your communication.

Environmental calculator

What is the 100 % recycled concept?

The 100% recycled concept behind Cyclus means no waste when collecting recovered paper at the de-inking plant. The fibres are washed with soap and water to make the new paper, all plastics and metals from the bales are recycled for heating the local area, residual sludge is used for cement production for construction and no chlorine bleach is used to refine the fibres. Nothing goes to waste. Energy for making the paper comes from biofuel leaves meaning it has a very low carbon footprint.

Environmental Calculator